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Posted Jul 12, 2017|Archived Webinar

2017 National Webinar: National Family Needs Assessment Results

Recorded on July 12, 2017


This webinar shared the results of a family needs assessment survey conducted earlier this year by NCDB and NFADB. The survey gathered information from 184 respondents about:

  • Their experiences with early intervention, education, community, and adult service providers that have worked with their children  
  • Their needs related to information, training, and connections with other families  
  • The supports they have received from state deaf-blind projects and national family organizations

This information should be of great value to state deaf-blind projects, family organizations, and others working to improve services for children with deaf-blindness and their families throughout the United States.

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Megan Cote
NCDB Project Specialist - Early Identification/Referral and Family Engagement

Megan Cote