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Posted Jan 06, 2021|Announcement

2019 National Deaf-Blind Child Count Report Published

The 2019 National Deaf-Blind Child Count Report provides an annual "snap shot" of  children and youth with deaf-blindness in the United States, including:

  • Demographic data
  • The types and severity of vision and hearing losses 
  • Causes of deaf-blindness and the types and prevalence of additional disabilities
  • Comparisons with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B and Part C annual child counts
  • Educational settings and services
  • Living settings 
  • Part B and Part C exiting status information

Over time, annual National Deaf-Blind Child Count reports provide critical information to guide technical assistance, personnel preparation, scholarship, and research related to deaf-blindness in children and youth.

2019 National Deaf-Blind Child Count