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Posted Jan 08, 2020|Archived Webinar

2020 Child Count Drop-In Meeting: Data Accuracy and Using the Data Feedback File

Recorded on January 8, 2020


Robbin Bull, NCDB Deaf-Blind Child Count Coordinator, will review information important to the Deaf-Blind TA Network's collective efforts to accurately identify the number of children with combined vision and hearing loss, including how to use state Data Feedback Files provided by NCDB. These were informal conversations, and attendees were asked to bring questions, suggestions, and ideas.


  • Greater understanding of National Child Count reporting process
  • Increase knowledge about data management practices
  • Improved strategies for cleaning data
  • Increase confidence in working with state data records and files

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2020 Child Count Drop-In Meeting


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2020 Child Count Drop-In Meeting


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Robbin Bull
NCDB Child Count Lead

Robbin Bull