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Posted Oct 09, 2019|Archived Webinar

2019 National Webinar: Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience

Recorded October 9, 2019


This webinar provides participants with an overview of the assessment and training program at the Helen Keller National Center. It will cover: 

  • The philosophy behind the program and how it is conducted
  • How person-centered planning contributes to finding out what works best for each individual and their team
  • How Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) are infused into DBIE 
  • How to apply what is learned during the program


Participants are:

  • Able to explain how DBIE could benefit their family member or individual they support 
  • Introduced to the DBIE Coordinator, who can further assist them if they are interested in participating 

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Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience 


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Michael Richards
Coordinator of the HKNC Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience